Two birds with one pen.

Well, I didn’t draw any birds but I also didn’t throw any stones!  Today was the 42nd Worldwide Sketchcrawl day.   I spent it as the “Sketcher in Residence” at MOHAI.  This is part of the continuing exhibit by Urban Sketchers founder and the “Seattle Sketcher: Gabriel Campanario.  The exhibit is called “Drawn to Seattle: The Work of Seattle Sketcher”

Each Saturday one of us is there to demonstrate sketching, encourage others and provide information.  I did three sketches myself.

The first one was during a delicious lunch at the Compass Cafe.  I looked out the window at the Victoria V, one of the historic boats moored outside the museum.    It was once part of a large fleet of passenger and freight carrying ships linking the islands and ports of the Puget Sound.

Next I situated myself in the exhibit space with windows looking out to South Lake Union.  The space was designed so that there would be opportunity to sketch from the windows.

I told some of the visitors that I was “channeling Carlene“.  I showed them her sketches in the display.  Normally, I would probably have drawn all the details of the building in the middle distance but thought of how deftly Carleen indicates such detail with a few lines and a little color.

Unexpectedly, the Space Needle did not have a 12th Man flag flying today.  So I pulled out my artist’s license to add one!  Next to the window is one of Gabi’s drawings, affixed to the wall as a sort of stuck on stencil.

There was a gathering of remote-controlled sailboat enthusiasts sailing their boats around the pond in front of the museum.  They are just visible in my above sketch.

Finally, I did a very quick sketch of one of the children who stopped by to visit.

I wish I would have kept track of how many people came in to sketch.  There were lots, most of them children.  A few adults had lots of questions for me about my kit and about Urban Sketchers.  I had fun talking with them and these breaks for conversation gave the paint time to dry.  I am often too impatient to wait long enough and end up with colors bleeding where I don’t want them.

Bob and Kay were familiar faces.  Kay reminded me that I’d been in a watercolor class with them.  Bob did the most complete sketch of the day:

Most of the sketchers who joined me floated in and out so I didn’t get a group photo.

About redharparts

Born in Michigan. Attended undergrad and graduate universities there. I've lived in England, Germany, Southern California and now Washington (state). I'm a retired Medical Social Worker with a past specialty in Oncology. I've enjoyed exploring historical re-creation through the SCA. I costume in several fandoms. Lately I've returned to Art and have taken up Urban Sketching, a version of en plein air painting.
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One Response to Two birds with one pen.

  1. Tina Koyama says:

    Looks like you had a terrific “residency”! Wish I’d joined you there… I would have loved to have sketched those RC sailboats.

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