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Who are you?
I’m Kate.  This is my blog, in which I post my sketches, write about them a little and about other topics related to art.  A short bio is in the “about me” section of this blog, above.

Did you study art?  Are you an artist?

The short answer is, “Yes, I am an artist”.

I’ve drawn and sketched since I was a young child.I studied art a bit in the very distance past, when I was in school and university.  In 1974, I gave up painting and drawing for photography but I came back to sketching and painting in 2012.

I have not made my living with art, either painting or photography.

The motivation for returning to paper art was the discovery of a group with which I’ve been involved since: Urban Sketchers (more on that below).

Do you sell your work?
I do not normally sell my work.  I like to keep my sketchbooks intact as a way of seeing how my work changes and a record of my travels and activities.  I’m really don’t like sales and don’t want the work of running a business to interfere with my enjoyment of art.

As the sketchbooks pile up, I’m considering what to do with them.  As I run out of room to store sketchbooks, I’ve made individual sketches available to family and friends via an album on my flickr page.

However, I know people who are making a living from art, do sell and do take commissions.  **

Do you show your work in a gallery?
No, not usually.  I do not have a relationship with any gallery.  I have participated in a couple group shows in the past with the Seattle Urban Sketchers group and the Tacoma Urban Sketchers group.  I had a show of prints of my work at a bakery in 2017.  I anticipate joining shows with Tacoma Urban Sketchers in 2018.

What are your tools and materials?
I draw with waterproof ink.  Normally I use a fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink as it dries quickly.  When traveling by air, I haven’t yet been brave enough to carry the fountain pens so I use disposables, such as Pitt or Micron pens.

I paint my sketches with watercolors.  I use those made by Daniel Smith.  I like them because they are made in Seattle and they are generally regarded as excellent pigments.   I use both a waterbrush and traditional brushes.

For the first few year, I just couldn’t settle  on a single sketchbook or paper.  I like the Pentalic Aqua Sketchbook.  For spiral bound, I like the Strathmore Visual Journal 140# Watercolor and the Mixed Media (which, BTW, has quite good paper… their Series 500).

However, during the entirety of 2016, I used various papers in a disc bound book (Circa, by Levenger, “junior” size).   I’ve decided that Canson Moulin de Roy is the paper I’ll use most.  While Arches is really the go-to watercolor paper, this Canson works as well for me and is $2 cheaper per sheet at Daniel Smith. In 2017 I discovered a new paper made by Legion called Stonehenge.  Both that and Canson come in 22×30 sheets that I tear down to fit my Circa.    I also prefer them because I can buy them locally and do not have to mail-order.  I get them at the Seattle Daniel Smith store (they do not mail order paper, only paints).

Many of my fellow sketchers like the Stillman and Birn range of sketchbooks.  I’ve used them but find even the heavy weight paper in the Beta version doesn’t hold up well to the way I use watercolor.  Another common favorite is the Moleskine watercolor book.  Again, there are better papers (Pentalic Aqua is the same form factor with better paper).

More about Urban Sketchers:  http://www.urbansketchers.org/

The Seattle Urban Sketchers group blog can be found:  http://seattle.urbansketchers.org/

The Tacoma Urban Sketchers group blog can be found:  http://urbansketcherstacoma.blogspot.com/

Urban Sketchers (abbreviated “USk) is the brainchild of Spanish-born illustrator and journalist Gabriel Campanario, a staff artist and blogger at The Seattle Times.  It is now an international non-profit group with 10’s of thousands of participants.

Contact info:
I have other email addresses, but this is the one I give out to people I do not know:  mkbuike at aol dot com.  Or you can leave a comment on this blog.

**  List of other artists who sell and/or take commissions (offered with their permission):

Steve Reddy  stevenreddy.com

Paula Ensign
Website – paulaensignart.com
Blog – Love-to-Draw.com
Facebook – PaulaEnsignArt

Jane Richlovsky

About redharparts

Born in Michigan. Attended undergrad and graduate universities there. I've lived in England, Germany, Southern California and now Washington (state). I'm a retired Medical Social Worker with a past specialty in Oncology. I've enjoyed exploring historical re-creation through the SCA. I costume in several fandoms. Lately I've returned to Art and have taken up Urban Sketching, a version of en plein air painting.
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  1. Fabio says:

    Excellent introduction of yourself, Kate! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience! 🙂

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