Two Towers and Two Churches

This was a day of two churches and two towers.  Kathleen suggested we meet for today’s sketch outing on Queen Anne Ave W in the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood of Seattle.  It is an ideal neighborhood… very walk-able with lots of interesting cafes, restaurants, shops and buildings to sketch.

As I got on the freeway at 8am, I immediately saw a warning sign:  “6 mile backup due to emergency road repair”.  Oh, no.  I’d considered taking the light rail and the bus and wished at that moment I had.  But I knew my way via 1st Ave, so got off the freeway and took the surface street all the way.  It took an hour, but at least I was moving.  And I saw some interesting sights along the way.  “henry” is a fairly well know muralist.

Still, I arrived at 9am so was an hour early.

I selected the bell tower or cupola of the Baptist church as my first subject.  I took a break after finishing the ink sketch to meet with the rest of the group at 10am.  Then back to the same location to finish with watercolor. As I was waiting for paint to dry, I met the meat department manager from the nearby Safeway.  He was out taking a break.  He admired my sketch, said his nephew likes to draw and I gave him a card for USK Seattle.  He then told me there is another henry mural in the neighborhood and gave directions.  I didn’t go looking for it today, though.

I walked down Queen Anne Ave. and saw the juxtaposition of the church steeple and the radio tower (I looked it up later and it’s actually a TV tower).  I wandered around until I found the perfect location from which to sketch it.  Directly in the sight line was the patio of an apartment building so I climbed the steps and sat 20 feet above the street to get this view.   The steeple even had gargoyles.

We met back to share sketches and take a group photo.

Back row: Vivian, Natalie, Anne, Nilda, Suzette, Kathleen
Front: Suzanne, Tina, Ching, me

Oh, and today was my first day back with USK Seattle since mid-April!  It’s good to be back.  Perfect, sunny 70 degree day.  The rain didn’t start until I was almost home and even then it only lasted a few minutes.
all the photos are here.


About redharparts

Born in Michigan. Attended undergrad and graduate universities there. I've lived in England, Germany, Southern California and now Washington (state). I'm a retired Medical Social Worker with a past specialty in Oncology. I've enjoyed exploring historical re-creation through the SCA. I costume in several fandoms. Lately I've returned to Art and have taken up Urban Sketching, a version of en plein air painting.
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One Response to Two Towers and Two Churches

  1. Looks like a great outing! Love both sketches and that mural is a hoot!

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