The Birdie Has Landed

Yesterday, April 1st, right after the regular sketch outing, I went to the Museum of Flight to see a new exhibit.  I wanted to get a sketch of it as it is only a temporary exhibit.  **


From the card in the display:  “The Birdie has Landed
On February 6, 1971, NASA Astronaut and Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard became the first to ever hit a golf ball n the Moon.  Commander Shepard hit two balls on that historic day, both presumed to remain on the Moon.  New discoveries however suggest that one of the balls was struck with enoujgh force to escape the Moon’s gravity and enter a Trans-Earth trajectory.

It’s likely the ball simply kept orbiting the Earth in an unstable orbit until it finally collided with the atmosphere.  Scientists are still a bit unclear about its exact time of re-entry but traces of lunar regolith confirm the ball came from the Moon.

Thanks to the donation by Elliot Swift, who found the lunar golf ball off the coast of Washington State, The Museum of Flight now has a substantial collection of Shepard’s golf gear from the Moon.”

The press release:
and the pictures:





**  April Fool


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Born in Michigan. Attended undergrad and graduate universities there. I've lived in England, Germany, Southern California and now Washington (state). I'm a retired Medical Social Worker with a past specialty in Oncology. I've enjoyed exploring historical re-creation through the SCA. I costume in several fandoms. Lately I've returned to Art and have taken up Urban Sketching, a version of en plein air painting.
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