Vehicles in the garden?

Urban Sketchers Seattle met to sketch the for the Georgetown Garden Walk 3rd year in a row. It was also just a few days before our 8th anniversary as the first sketch outing in Seattle was on July 19, 2009.

After the 10 am meeting, I parked at Oxbow park. My intention was to make my way south and east as other years I’ve gone the opposite direction to find open gardens. But an open teardrop trailer across the street immediately distracted me.

I found young Hannah there selling cupcakes and other baked treats to raise money for Endangered Wild Cats. After meeting her mother, Brie, I asked permission to sketch. I had a lovely chat with them both and felt a little like Gabi, who in his role as “The Seattle Sketcher” interviews his subjects. I learned the tiny teardrop was home built by Brie’s great grandfather. She and her father restored it and they use it for camping now.

After finishing that sketch, I thought I might continue with my original plan. But no… I remembered in other years I’d wanted to sketch the big, old, Mack truck that serves as a mobile art gallery. It’s been there each of the three years we’ve sketched. I decided this was the year I would finally sketch it.

So….. I went to a Garden Walk and only sketched vehicles!

Well, not quite. I’d gotten there early and stopped at one of the many traffic circles the residents decorate with plantings and sculptures. This is the circle at Flora & Warsaw.

As usual, we met to share sketches and have a group photo.

But my day wasn’t over yet. I zipped over to Daniel Smith for an afternoon workshop: Drawing and Shading with Pen and Ink taught by Julia Carpenter. It was part of the Summer Drawing Class series. It was basic but that’s really what the series is about… learning to draw. I did pick up a few new – or re-enforced – concepts. Julia is an excellent teacher. I also rediscovered how much I like my “blue pumpkin” nib.

doing line and texture exercises

A few more photos:

About redharparts

Born in Michigan. Attended undergrad and graduate universities there. I've lived in England, Germany, Southern California and now Washington (state). I'm a retired Medical Social Worker with a past specialty in Oncology. I've enjoyed exploring historical re-creation through the SCA. I costume in several fandoms. Lately I've returned to Art and have taken up Urban Sketching, a version of en plein air painting.
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2 Responses to Vehicles in the garden?

  1. Kay Tyllia says:

    What a productive day you had, Kate. I liked the visuals and the stories that went with them. Your comments and write ups are very evident of being a good reporter! The illustrations of the teardrop trailer and Mack Truck are sensitively done. The ink class looked like fun.
    It impresses me how much you accomplish with art in your day…Wonderful Focus.

  2. joantav says:

    Funny how we sometimes have a game plan and see something that changes our plan dramatically. Nice sketches!

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