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Charity Sewing

This is a crafts post. Sewing has been a hobby most of my life. My mother taught me basic sewing when I was under 10 years old. I never took Home Ec. in school, though.  I sew clothes and costumes … Continue reading

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Making sketch books

Today was finally the day for the rescheduled book making workshop. Frances hosted us in her studio. I first demonstrated making the book. Then I walked the group through each step together. That barely took an hour! So there was … Continue reading

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Finished claddagh

I finished the claddagh embroidery a couple nights ago.  The Transfer-eze washed out quite well.  I am definitely pleased with this product and will probably use it for every embroidery!  If you don’t remember or didn’t see the original post… … Continue reading

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Sew Expo 2017

Yesterday I went to Sew Expo.  I almost didn’t go but I’m glad I did! For the past many years I’ve been going at least one day of the 4 day event.  Since I retired, I go on Thursday, opening … Continue reading

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Pink Hats

Everyone knows about the Women’s March in DC, right? It’s scheduled for 21 January, the day after the inauguration.    One or two people I know are going.  I’m planning to participate in the Seattle march. This is tangentially related to … Continue reading

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Social Watercolor for the holidays

For months, I’ve been going to Social Watercolor at the Daniel Smith mothership Seattle store.  Jodi, our host, always has fun ideas to demonstrate. We can either try them out or do our own thing. She always brings treats and … Continue reading

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Making a small sketchbook

This is a very small journal or sketchbook that I make a lot.  Some people have asked how I put it together. This tutorial will show you how.  The paper choice determines whether it’s a journal or a sketchbook.    I’ll … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Finished cards.  What follows is a description of how I made them and a free graphic. I attended a lettering demo by Janice Berkebile at Daniel Smith a couple weeks ago.  She happened to mention she scanned, printed on an … Continue reading

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Making Palette & Journal demo

A friend from Portland is here for the weekend.  I’m taking her on all sorts of art adventures.  We sketched yesterday and will do so again tomorrow with Urban Sketchers Seattle. Today we went to a demo by Janice Berkebile … Continue reading

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Drawing HIS Swords

Two things inspired this sketch.  First, I saw a blog post by Pete Scully titled “Draw Your Swords” Then I realized, from posts on Facebook, that the SCA Kingdoms of Caid and An Tir are holding their Crown Tourneys. Crown … Continue reading

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