Urban Sketchers Seattle met in the center of downtown Seattle to sketch inside the CityCentre building. There was snow in the north end but cold and wind at our location. Only one intrepid sketcher braved the weather to sketch outside.

We were interrupted near the end of our time by a fire alarm.  The fire department arrived and the alarm was shut off, so obviously a false alarm.

I only did one sketch today as I took my time with all the angles and bits. I forgot to look below it for any information about it and also couldn’t find anything on-line. So I let my imagination go. I was drawn to sketch it (ha ha) because it looked like a Stargate.

Do we have a cleverly disguised access to other worlds here in the middle of Seattle?

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The Kaiser Care Clinics in Bartell’s Drug Stores are a boon. I had symptoms that indicated I needed an ear wash. This clinic makes it so easy to just drop in to be seen for this sort of minor thing.

I was second in line. She greeted me as I sat down. Thinking she had a cold or flu, I thanked her for wearing a mask. I haven’t had it so appreciate those who protect the rest of us. But she said, “I have to”. I didn’t inquire further, but my background in medical work led me to speculate she might be immune-suppressed for some reason.

She seemed anxious, meditatively moving her the fingers of her hand over the purse in her lap.

I hoped for the best for her. She seemed to be smiling as she left the office after being seen. I hope it was a good outcome.

My ear wash resolved my symptoms. Ahh, relief.

Sketched in a 3×5 Field Notes Workshop Companion.  This paper is heavier than usual Field Notes so takes a bit of watercolor.

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Yet more dogs

Three more sketches of adoptable dogs from the Kitsap Humane Society’s Instagram images.  They all go in an envelope to send as a batch as I’m now donating all the originals.

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More shelter dogs

Last week I wrote that Kitsap Humane Society had accepted the offer of my sketches made from their Instagram images.  Today I sent them the first collection:

Over the weekend, I started more.

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Sound and Color

Yesterday, the Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at the Asian Pacific Festival held in the Tacoma Dome.

It was just as I remembered it from the one other time I went: LOUD, crowded, colorful. I came prepared with earplugs and I certainly needed them. This year though, there were two stages, each with competing LOUD amplification. Why do they do that?

We shared our sketches and took a group photo. There are at least 3 people missing from the group.

I did an initial wander of the exhibit halls. Many sketchers took the challenge of drawing the performers in motion on the stages. I picked these two sculptures/masks of Chinese deities. They had advantages: colorful, symbolic of the event… and they didn’t move.  This sign explains a bit about what they are.  The woman at the booth also explained they are worn during performance.

A few more photos:

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Another art charity project

I contacted Kitsap Humane Society about donating the originals of my sketches of their Instagram photos.  They’ve accepted and might use them as auction items.

My reasoning is that, at best, the sketches have a “shared copyright”.  I sketched from photos that were not my own.  So the best option for them seemed to be to give them to the source.

The latest two.

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Historic Drive-In

After some errands in Tacoma, I decided to find a burger joint I’d heard about.  Frisko Freeze is located in Tacoma’s North End neighborhood.  It’s on the Tacoma Registry of Historic Places and it has been serving burgers and more since 1950.

It is said to be “must-try for all burger lovers.”  I tried it.  The french fries were good but I didn’t care for the burger.

Dick’s is still the best for local companies.  However, nothing has yet taken the place of my all time favorite In n’ Out Burger.  At least the closest ones are now in southern Oregon as the closest used to be Redding, California.

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A “Nominal” experience

The Museum of Flight hosted a launch event. Space X scheduled the first launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket for 10:30 PST today. However, when I arrived, I learned the lift off was delayed until 12:30.

So I did my planned IKEA errand early. In an hour and 15 minutes, I drove from the Museum to IKEA, navigated my way through the short cuts to office chairs, picked it out from the warehouse, paid for it and drove back to the Museum.

Once back, I realized I still had another hour to wait as launch was further delayed. I went out to the Aviation Pavilion to sketch this scene with the Harrier. The figure is a statue of an Aircraft Handling Officer, responsible for managing aircraft movement on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. This is the AV-8C Harrier. This particular aircraft was made at Hawker Siddeley Aviation at Kingston upon Thames, England.

It was quite chilly out in the “Av Pav” so I was glad to be back inside the warmth of the Space Gallery where a small crowd had gathered to watch the launch.

This really is an historic event. The launch pad used was Complex 39A from which Apollo 11 launched in 1969 as well as other Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. This is the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. Only the Saturn V moon rocket was more powerful. It last flew in 1973.

This is a “demonstration mission”. In place of a payload, Elon Musk’s red Tesla was carried into space. If all goes to plan, it will travel in an Earth-Mars orbit around the sun!

What an experience! The launch was perfect! Then the two side cores/boosters landed perfectly back on the pad at Kennedy.  What a sight!

Unfortunately, the center core didn’t make it to the drone ship where it was planned to land as well. My friend, Carol, traveled to Florida to watch the launch in person. She told me via message that the central core ran out of fuel.

Of course, I commemorated the experience with a sketch.

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Lake Wilderness Lodge

A small group of sketchers who live in the south end (South King County, North Pierce Co) get together on Mondays to sketch. We’re mostly from Urban Sketchers Tacoma and Seattle. We’ve been meeting at Ikea to talk and draw. Today we mixed it up and met at Lake Wilderness Lodge in Maple Valley. It has a good view of the lake. Most of us were interested in the totem poll.

The totem pole was a popular subject today. It is a 10 ton, 35 foot tall red cedar logged from the slopes of Mt. Pilchuck and carved with double bit fallers’ axes. It was done by artist and Native American, Dudley Carter.

Throw down

Evelyn, Susan G., Beverly, Carolyn, me (Duc left early) Totem pole is in background.

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BSides Seattle

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I joined Himself in registering for the Seattle version of BSides, a virtually free IT security conference. My reasoning was that it gave me a reason to go to the Microsoft campus in Redmond where I planned to spend most of the day sketching.   Since I did register, I got the t shirt and the hackable electronic badge. I chose not to use the soldering station to add the included components to it (ya think?).

I forgot that in early February it would likely be raining. Having never been there before I also didn’t realize that the buildings at Microsoft were all, boringly, of very similar architecture.

I know, we Urban Sketchers are supposed to find what’s interesting in the most boring of built environments. But I wasn’t very motivated to stand in the chill and damp to sketch boring. There were overhangs, so I wouldn’t have gotten really wet. Still. Boring.

I tried attending one or two of the lectures. Unlike BSides Las Vegas, all the presentations were significantly over my head!

I was determined to find something to sketch. We were in the Commons building where there were at least a dozen restaurants. None were open but I could wander through some on the upper level. The Lunchbox Lab was interesting but a challenge to represent as a sketch so I did a montage.

Lunchboxes were both on display and used as dispensers:

At MOD pizza, the sign is made of the keys from computer keyboards!

I then wandered around the lower level but all the restaurants were gated up. I did find an elephant, though! It’s not a mount but a sculpture made of some sort of fabric over a frame.

More photos:

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