Social Cherry Blossoms

The theme of today’s Social Watercolor at Daniel Smith was cherry blossoms.  I played around with a couple different pigments and ways of painting… splatter, sponges, splattering mask.   I ended up with this sketch from one of my own photos.  This had some white gouache added as splatter.


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Lettering demo

This was a very active day.  After this demo, I went to the Stonehouse Bakery to sort out some things about my show with Patrick, the owner.   Then I went back over to the Museum of Flight for  a lecture on “Space Medicine”.  The day ended with an exciting and wonderful concert by San Jose Taiko – photos   

The first event of the day was Janice Berkebile’s lettering demo at Daniel Smith Seattle.  She is changing the format of her workshops and this demo shows how she will now be incorporating lettering into journal pages.

She described her process: drawing in pencil, scanning, drawing letters and painting.

She also shared some on line resources for fonts.
Type Deconstructed  best website for anatomy of letters.
Val Webb  has a lettering class on line

My take-away quote:
“Lettering doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to look intentional”.

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My show

Feel free to right click and save the image of the announcement poster.  Hope those of you who are local can come to the opening reception.  Patrick, the baker and owner of the Stonehouse bakery will be providing refreshments!

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One cloud over the bridge

It was too beautiful not to go out to sketch today.  The days are getting a little warmer with today being almost 60 degrees with a nearly cloudless sky.  So much sun!

The Urban Sketchers flickr group’s weekly theme is bridges.  When I was driving around for my errands this morning, I spotted this foot bridge (again).  It spans the Green River with a foot or bicycle path on either side.  Given the scenery, you wouldn’t think it’s right off  a multi-lane, busy street on the edge of the largest shopping area in the state!

It is dedicated in honor of Byron G. Sneva, the Public Works Director (April 1988).

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The Birdie Has Landed

Yesterday, April 1st, right after the regular sketch outing, I went to the Museum of Flight to see a new exhibit.  I wanted to get a sketch of it as it is only a temporary exhibit.  **


From the card in the display:  “The Birdie has Landed
On February 6, 1971, NASA Astronaut and Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard became the first to ever hit a golf ball n the Moon.  Commander Shepard hit two balls on that historic day, both presumed to remain on the Moon.  New discoveries however suggest that one of the balls was struck with enoujgh force to escape the Moon’s gravity and enter a Trans-Earth trajectory.

It’s likely the ball simply kept orbiting the Earth in an unstable orbit until it finally collided with the atmosphere.  Scientists are still a bit unclear about its exact time of re-entry but traces of lunar regolith confirm the ball came from the Moon.

Thanks to the donation by Elliot Swift, who found the lunar golf ball off the coast of Washington State, The Museum of Flight now has a substantial collection of Shepard’s golf gear from the Moon.”

The press release:
and the pictures:





**  April Fool

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Antique Center

Urban Sketchers Tacoma met yesterday for our regular 1st Saturday outing together. I carpooled down with 2 other sketchers and it rained the entire way.

The antique shop was completely overwhelming with choice of subject matter.  One of our number is a local historian and told me that this location used to be a famous dance hall that attracted all the best bands of the time, including Tommy Dorsey.

I went out to my car to get my stool and noticed the rain has stopped.  I immediately walked to the far other end of the strip mall in order to sketch the Poodle Dog restaurant sign.  I’d really wanted to be able to sketch it and had hoped for better weather.  The rain held off long enough for me to get it done!

The Poodle Dog opened at this location in 1933.  It originally had only 2 tables and a lunch counter with 15 stools.

I went back inside and wandered for a while.  I finally decided to sketch some of the “antique” (?) bunnies.

Sharing sketches.

the group

A few more photos:

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Cherry Blossoms in the Sun

This seemed the best day of the week to plan an outing to see and sketch the Cherry Tree blossoms on the 80y/o trees in the University of Washington (UW) Quad.  The weather was predicted to be warm-ish (high 50’s or even 60 degrees) and sunny.  I made plans with Feather, another sketcher, to travel by light rail to the new UW station just south of the Quad.  This was two weeks later than last year.

There were so many people!

I plopped myself down on the grass near a group of young women having a traditional Japanese celebration – Hanami.   I enjoyed their traditional music while I sketched.

As I wandered looking for either another sketching venue or Feather, I ran into Tina!  So we had an impromptu sketchbook “throw-down” and took a group photo (rather, Tina took a group selfie).

more photos

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We Won!

Dick’s is a Seattle-area icon and local business.  All of them are far North of where I live.  They recently ran a vote on whether to put the next new drive-in to the South or East of Seattle.  I did my part to bring it South and we won!  This is only the second branch outside the city of Seattle.

“The much-loved local burger-and-shake franchise created much buzz when it allowed fans to vote whether the next Dick’s Drive-In should be in south King County or on the Eastside. Spady [company president] said 177,645 votes were cast, and Renton and Redmond even passed resolutions inviting Dick’s Drive-In to build in their communities.”

Now let’s hope it gets located in my town.

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A social owl

Another Watercolor Social at Daniel Smith today.  Jodi had suggested applying Incredible (brand) mask * with a small, pointed color shaper *.   I tried it today.  I works quite well and dries fairly quickly… though not a fast as the Molotow Mask *.   I might try decanting a small amount into a tiny container to take on location with me.

The sketch:  this is a Pigmy Owl from my own photo.  I saw him on the Oregon Coast some years ago and was able to get quite close, though the photo was still made with a telephoto lens.

 *     I link to Cheap Joe’s because Daniel Smith doesn’t sell these items on line.  They do have them in the store.

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More about Anderson School

Instead of joining the Seattle group at The Roastery, I drove 26 miles and an hour North to Bothell to meet The Whidbey Island Sketchers (WIS) at the McMenamin’s Anderson School.  One of the many wonderful things about McMenamins properties is how they add unique and unusual art and local history to each venue.

I’ve been once before but this visit was especially delightful because my friend, Judi, came.  Anderson School is where she attended Junior High.  As we walked the halls of the old school building, now the hotel, she found so many people she knew featured on the walls and names of rooms!

She even helped me with my clue for the scavenger hunt to complete my McMenamins Passport for Anderson School.  When I collected my prize, I chose an Anderson School tote bag so I could give it to her as a souvenir!  No photos as I don’t want to give away the answer to the clue!

The sketches:

I was early (of course).  So I sat in the lobby by the fireplace.

Once the group arrived, we started with lunch in the North Shore Lagoon, decorated with a South Pacific theme.  The building also houses the pool.  We were a large group, so getting our meals took a while and I had time for a sketch.

Judi and I wandered, as mentioned above.  Then we settled on chairs under a covered walk way to sketch the Shed. This was built by McMenamins as a snug little whiskey bar.


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