Crow the fourth

It’s going to be a murder soon. Another back yard bird bath crow, from a photo by Himself.

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First Pumpkin patch

It was a beautiful, sunny, autumn morning to sketch at the pumpkin patch at Mosby Farm in Auburn, WA. There’s not a lot there…no interesting old trucks or buildings. There is an oversized checkers game, a corn maze, and lots of scare crows.

This sketch has some “atmospheric DNA” as one of Gabi’s children called it a few years ago (when his sketch got rained on). On the right side pant leg is a little mud. It fits right in.

I realized once there that I don’t have orange in my new palette. Of all the mixes, that one is very easy.

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Crow the third

Inktober 7/31 (I’m a day ahead). Another sketch from a photo taken by Himself in our back yard. I follow a local Instagram account by a woman who watches, feeds, and photographs her own back yard crows. It is from her I learned the young uns’ have blue eyes. We had parents feeding the very squawky young one in our yard, using the bird bath and water bowls.

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Inktober 6/31. Today I take a break from drawing crows to follow the Inktober daily prompt, “Raven”. But we’re all corvids here.

Various India ink washes; watercolor pencil; on Stillman and Birn Beta paper.

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Crow Two

Inktober 5/31. Not the prompt. It’s a second crow from a photo by Himself.

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Statue Stylist team have decorated the Coulon Park sculpture, “Interface” with that theme.

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Crow One

Inktober 4/31. Back to not following the prompt. One of my goals for this Inktober is a series of crow drawings. This first one is from a photo Himself took of a crow at our back yard bird bath.

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Buzz’s suit

Inktober Day 2 (3/31). Today I actually sketched the prompt, which was “Suit”. Someone else gave me the idea to do a space suit. On the right are the real helmet and gloves Buzz Aldrin wore on the Moon. They were on display during the Apollo temporary exhibition, part of it on loan from the Smithsonian, in 2019. I sketched them on location then.

Next to the left glove is a magnifying glass so we can read the cheat sheet of instructions attached to the glove.

There was all sorts of merch available at this exhibit. I resisted buying the rubber duckie astronaut.

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The Great Wall

So it begins: Inktober 2021. I’ve participated since 2017. The last 3 years part of my practice has been to use tan toned paper with assorted inks and white pens. I’ll continue that this year plus I’m thinking of adding a series of Crows in just black inks on white paper.

I’ve nearly filled the Stillman and Birn Nova tan sketchbook I started in 2018. So I shopped the 30% off close out sale at Daniel Smith earlier this week for a couple more. They were sold out of my preferred 5 x 8.5 soft cover, but I can make do with another format.

This is a large Asian market and grocery at the bottom of the hill we live on. We’re on the Renton side, it’s on the Kent side. It seems to me there was also a similar shopping center near where we lived in SoCal with the same name. That was over 20 years ago and I can’t find it on the map.

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A fishy start

I’m calling this my start to Inktober 2021, even though I did this late this evening, 9/30. It’s only 2 hours from the beginning. It’s some sort of trout from Sketchbook Skool’s “Draw with Me” today. Ink and watercolor pencils on Stillman and Birn Nova tan. I almost never do the official Inktober prompts.

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