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Pink in Columbia City

After an early errand to my Post Office Box, I set out to do some more car sketching. I revisited the Covid-19 testing site in the parking lot of Southcenter mall. There were several people in line. Then I went … Continue reading

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Day # 365

Today is our 1 year anniversary of beginning rigorous self isolation so as not to catch the virus. Given age and co-morbidities, we are at high risk so we have been comparatively rigorous in our approach to avoid catching the … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked

The gaming reference seems appropriate as it almost seems like a quest and one gets lucky to obtain an appointment. The Kaiser system has been pretty good. My first and second appointments were done at the same time. I received … Continue reading

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First dose!

Early this morning I went to my appointment for the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19!! After a fellow sketcher drew her experience I went with sketchbook in had to document mine. There were a lot of people … Continue reading

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300 Days

Says it all. Himself and I have spent 300 days, so far, in rigorous isolation. Our risk factors are significant so we have been very careful. We will gratefully accept the vaccine when our turn is offered. Our status as … Continue reading

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As I dropped off my ballot last week I noticed COVID-19 location across the street. So I went over to find a place from which to sketch. There was not really a place to park but I used a blocked … Continue reading

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Day 200

I designed a journal page to commemorate the day. I’ve stayed active and involved with my groups and organizations.  I really appreciate the Museum of Flight providing a venue to involve volunteers.  There’s more to come on that front. I … Continue reading

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After Morgan presented the weekly Student Bulletin from Sketchbook Skool, she led a 4 minute drawing session on the subject of “what pesters you?”.   She drew a bug that’s been eating her garden. I don’t have a garden this year. … Continue reading

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We watch the news on the ITV channel in England. A nurse was interviewed.  He misses his family in Spain but won’t be traveling there.  I was impressed with his succinct quote. The inserted intubation sketch is a printed from … Continue reading

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Stay Home!

I’ve read so many heart rending stories about the experiences of health care staff treating COVID-19 patients.  They are literally putting their lives on the line every day, every hour.  And not just their own, but those of their families. … Continue reading

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