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Today’s theme is “coffee”. While waiting for a shop to open in my suburb, I stopped in at a new-ish local coffee shop, Boon Boona.  It’s East African.   I was glad to see it so full on a weekday morning. … Continue reading

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The doors are back

Last summer I sketched a single door at the United Christian Church in Renton after the original display had been vandalized.  The story is here. Meanwhile, the parish started a Little Free Pantry to support neighbors who were food insecure. … Continue reading

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Church without its doors

There has been some drama in Renton. It all happened while I was on my epic driving trip across the country. ** Renton is a suburb of a little over a 100,00 and is in the top 25 most diverse … Continue reading

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Rooftop Dragon

A dragon has come to roost.  The Renton Rooftop Dragon had its grand opening last weekend.  I went the day before to sketch. Yes, the building really does seem to be suffering a collapse.  It’s old.  And it has a … Continue reading

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More of the Same

My suburb has a fire hydrant painting project. The first one was installed on Saturday. Given the weekly theme on USk Flickr, I thought I’d go capture another one before the theme changes on Monday. The artist is Sybil McIntyre. … Continue reading

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Drink and Draw last night was fun.  Andrey brought his guitar but it was more than a prop.  During the long poses he also played for us. Three of my favorite pages: 3 minutes.  And in the one at the … Continue reading

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On Tap

I was amused by the Kombucha on tap! I was also thinking of Andika, who posted a very detailed coffee house sketch this am.  I planned to add as much detail to the shelves as I could manage. This was … Continue reading

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Fish Heads

Today I joined another sketching group. They are mostly students of a local watercolor teacher. I heard about them from Susan P. who sketches with Urban Sketchers (USk) Tacoma. She got me on their email list, which is their only … Continue reading

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Boon Boona

This morning I met a friend to see The Favorite.  I don’t care that it got 10 Oscar nominations today. Ugh! It was quite the downer and the ending… arghhh. So much Court intrigue and not in a good way! … Continue reading

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A memorable morning at IKEA

Over the past three weeks, I’ve met with a group of local artists at the cafe in IKEA. We all live nearby and gather just to make art together and talk. Today there were about 10 of us.  It’s very … Continue reading

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