USK Tutorials

Urban Sketchers (USK) Tutorials for using flickr

These tutorials were created to help new members of a local Urban Sketchers (USK for short) group become familiar with the photo hosting site, flickr. The 7th principal in the USK manifesto is “We share our drawings online”.  That place is in a flickr group or groups.

Urban Sketchers flickr group  This is the one I call the “global” one as it literally includes the art from members all over the world!

Urban Sketchers Seattle

Urban Sketchers Tacoma

Here are some links to good tutorials I found that show how to join flickr:

Flickr Tutorial      I recommend and list this one first as it’s the only one in this list that is a pdf that you can just download and print.  When I’m learning something new, I find it much easier to read from a paper page while working on a computer screen than to move back and forth between screens.

Newbie’s guide to flickr

How to use Flickr  This one has a lot of good photos on how to do basic tasks, including signing up.

How to Upload Photos from Camera Roll to Flickr from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

How to Upload Photos from iPad to Flickr?

Now for a couple I’m made myself.  These are pdf’s that are free for you to save (download) to your own computer.  As the need arises, I can create more.  Comment here if you have a request!

2016 05 flickr tutorial adding images to USK flickr group

Delete an image in flickr

Arranging images

adding flickr image to blogger

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  2. This looks great for my own use…and for people like me who enjoy the support of HELP from time to time.

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