Eggs & Peeps

It’s the time of year when the bunnies leave eggs and there are lots of bright yellow chicks.

Normally, I’d not post these happy sketches until Easter day, but I will be otherwise involved on Easter.  Hopefully, there will be sketches!

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This is a house near where I live.  I notice the charming porch and loads of tulips as I drive in and out.  Today was again beautiful weather….. bright blue cloudless sky and 65 degrees.  Perfect time to walk down the street to sketch this scene.

A young mother with 2 small children stopped to look and talk.   Both she and her about 5 y/o daughter said they liked to draw.  So I told her about Urban Sketchers and gave her a card.  I showed them both my kit.  The little girl brought me a dandelion.

A sunny sketch outing was my reward for the hard work whipping the back yard into shape yesterday.  Spring cleaning is done there and the pots are ready for tomatoes.

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Danny Woo Garden

Seattle Urban Sketchers met at the Panama Hotel tea room in the International District.  However, the weather was so beautiful, most of us sketched in the Danny Woo Community Garden across the street.

It was a perfect spring day.  I dressed for the 40 degrees it was when I left home to take the light rail into town.  On the top of the hill in the garden in full sun, I took off two layers and was enjoying the warmth in just my t shirt.

The views between the trees from the hill were spectacular.  I sketched a bit of the pea patch with the clock tower of King St. Station in the distance.

Then just a quick sketch of a stone lantern found further up the hill, outside the pea patch area.

There were 10 of us today, sharing sketches after.  All photos of sketchers are here

Sharing our sketches in the Panama Hotel lobby

Besides the two sketches, I took a lot of photos around the garden and then as I walked to the waterfront area.   They are all here.

Panama Hotel on Main St. It has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The hotel is significant for its association with the immigration of Japanese to the USA. I also has one of only two surviving Japanese public bathhouses in the country.

Since I was already in the city center, I rode another 2 stops on the rail in order to walk down to the waterfront to see Stephanie Bower’s exhibit, “Sketches of Paris”

It was wonderful!

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Day at the Museum

It’s Thursday.  I’m back on my regular schedule at the Museum of Flight.  I covered the movie desk today so did a sketch of what I could see in the lobby from my seat.

I noticed these schoolgirls being silly on a bench.

But I missed seeing 3 of the new 787 Dreamliners on the flight line!  One of the staff told me later they’d been there and all took off, one after the other.

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Art Abandonment

I’d not heard of this until I saw an ad for a book in a magazine.  It seems like a nice gesture.  Art Abandonment is explained on this one page blog.  The book about it is available from North Light.

I have some watercolor postcards.  Maybe I’ll doodle some simple sketches to leave out in the world.

There is a Facebook group on which to leave record of one’s abandonments.

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Oldest House?

I went back to Georgetown (Seattle neighborhood) today to do a photo survey of possible sketching locations for an upcoming sketch outing.

According to the map I found, this is the Hoffeditz Maertens House which was built in 1891.  The info on the map says it is the oldest house in Georgetown.  According to the unofficial local historians at the Carleton Street Grocery, it may be the oldest house in Seattle.  Since Seattle was settled in 1851 it might not be.  Though maybe it’s the oldest one still standing.  The house has remained in the same family.

I got the line drawing done but then it started to rain.  So I finished the color later.  So much for beautiful spring weather.  It lasted one day.

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Day at the Beach!

This was the best Spring day yet in the Seattle area!  It was about 70 degrees, the warmest day so far.

I was planning to go to Georgetown to catalog some places to sketch for the Seattle Urban Sketcher’s outing later this month.  But I forgot my reference maps at home.  I realized this when I was almost at the exit off the I-5.  I thought about where else I could go and decided to go to Alki Beach in West Seattle.  It was an excellent decision.  The beach
was beautiful.

This was the first day for sun protection:  I needed both my straw hat and sun screen lotion!  My arms started to turn pink as I sat sketching!  I had the foresight to toss my hat in the car.

I did two sketches from the same spot but looking in opposite directions.  The first one is a relaxing view of Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains in the distance.  A woman sits on the beach, reading.

In the other direction is the city, with the Space Needle and houses in the distance.  The beach is full of people and there is a paddle boarder on the water.

While sketching, I met the authors of Seattle Stairway Walks.  Cathy & Jake Jaramillo stopped to ask, “are you one of the Sketchers?”.  They had seen Gabi’s exhibit at MOHAI!

All the photos are here.  But here are a few.  This is the spot where Seattle began.  There are more photos and details of the monument in the album.

Everything is blooming!

Walked from the West Seattle Metropolitan Market to a bridge on Admiral Way to get this view:

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Tacoma Sketch outing

Tacoma Urban Sketchers met at Engine House #9.  All the photos are here.

From the website:
“It was built in 1907 and was the last station in Tacoma to convert from horse-drawn to mechanized equipment in 1919.  Engine House No. 9 was in service until 1965 when it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. …Win Anderson and Bob Lane purchased and restored the building, converting the lower floor to a tavern and the second story into an apartment.Today the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”

It is practically a museum of fire fighting equipment.  My first sketch is looking through to the bar with parts of fire hoses lining the window ledges.

In between rain showers, I stood outside to sketch the entrance.

We had a goodly number of sketchers join the outing.

group photo by “Redorblack” (Scott M)

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First lesson

At the last minute, I signed up for Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Skool.  I worked through the first week’s video lessons yesterday.  This small sketch was inspired by Danny’s sharing of one of his early sketchbook journals.  The presentations were very thoughtful and encouraging.  I like it already.

Yes, it costs some money.  That was why I was reluctant at first though I can afford it.  Already I find it is good value.  If I didn’t know how to draw at all, the first actual tutorial might not be that helpful.  But I think Danny’s point is doing a sketchbook (or sketch journal) is more about the journey, the experience and the process than any concerns about it being “good”.

I also finished the final lesson of the Strathmore Back to Basics drawing course.  I was less satisfied with it.  I didn’t learn very much new.  That would be a good one for someone who is only just starting to draw.  And it was free.

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Old Georgetown

The Carleton Ave Grocery Store is one of the oldest in Seattle and one of only a few neighborhood corner stores left.  Georgetown is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle.  I’ve been by several times and it seems to be a neighborhood hub.  People stop by for a chat and sit outside on the bench when the weather is nice.  It is far more than a convenience store as it stocks nutritious food and fresh vegetables.

When the Urban Sketchers flickr group announced the weekly theme of  “The most ___ house in your neighborhood” I thought I’d go over to sketch it as I’ve been meaning to for about a year.  My neighborhood is boringly monoculture and bland, so I have to go somewhere else for interesting houses

Since there are several interesting buildings and structures in this part of Georgetown, I think we should have a sketch outing there!

Right next to it is an interesting traffic circle.  I ran out of time to sketch this today.

Just up the next block from the grocery is the Hat and Boots

Right next to that is a P patch

Across the street is “the castle:

A couple blocks over is the Rock House

All in all, a target rich environment for sketching!

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