Out Ikea’s window

The newly built and recently opened Ikea store near me is huge.  I wrote recently about attending the opening festivities.  It is two stories with a second floor cafe that is at least four times as large as the one in the old store.  With the Urban Sketchers flickr group’s weekly theme of “out the window”, I decided to have a $2 breakfast there and sketch out the window.

The green flag on the left is that of the State of Washington.  The blue in the lower part of the window is the old store.  The hill visible out the window is near where I live.

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Return to Point Ruston

One of our number who couldn’t join us at the Jewel Box cafe last Wednesday still wanted to go.  So Feather and I joined Beverly for a return to Point Ruston.

It’s the first day of spring.  I’d hoped to sketch the bunny rumps (sculpture) outdoors on the center plaza but the cold wind off Commencement Bay kept me inside by the fire.

The Jewel Box Cafe has a beautiful fireplace.  We sat in lovely overstuffed chairs to sketch it.  The first sketch is the entire ornate carved frame.

Next is just the view through the fireplace box, which is actually a window.  All the way across the Bay we can see the tips of the Olympic Mountains.

While Beverly went on to an afternoon class, Feather and I went nearby to the Two Town Pub and Cafe.  We had lunch along with more sketching.  My chicken salad was delicious!

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No Beer

The day dawned with blue sky and sun.  At first, I thought I would leave extra early for our 11am sketch outing so I could do another sketch of the Fremont Troll on my way to the sketch venue.  Then I looked at the temperature… 32 degrees.  Even though it was much warmer in the afternoon on my way homeward, I didn’t stop as I wanted to beat the Sounders traffic (football/soccer game).

Urban Sketchers Seattle met a little later than usual so as to sketch at Hale’s Brewery and Pub, which opened at 1100.  From looking at photos on-line, I knew I wanted to sketch the red English telephone box.  It was a popular subject today.

By then, it was 12:30, with still an hour remaining.  I decided to have some lunch while I sketched the taps in the bar.  The names of the brews were unusual:  Aftermath India Pale Alre, Red Menace Big Amber, Leary Way Limited (The brewery’s address is Leary Way), Nightroll Porter.

A large group of sketchers had started lunch together in the dining room.  They’d ordered 4 samplers of beer, thinking the glasses would be little larger than shot glasses.  In fact, they were almost half a pint!   Though I was urged to help them out, I declined as it doesn’t take much beer to make me unsafe to drive!

We shared our sketches and had our group photo in the dining room.

We were 22 people today.  One is missing from the photo (Vivan’s nephew).

Once home, my husband said I smelled like a brewery.  He has been an accomplished brewer, so he didn’t mean I smelled of alcohol, he meant I smelled like wort (a liquid in the stage of brewing).  I’d sketched for an hour in the lobby which is open to the brewery.

More photos:  https://redharp.smugmug.com/SketchOutings/2017-0319-Sketching-at-Hales-Brewery/

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Safe Exchange

During a brief respite in the rain, I drove to city hall to sketch a sign.  The weekly theme in the USk flickr pool is “street sign”.  While this isn’t strictly a street sign, it is a sign in a parking lot.

This illustrates the local Police Department’s new Safe Exchange Program.  When I first heard the term, I though perhaps we were to have a needle exchange program.  Nope.

Here’s the news report:
“The upper parking lot of the City Hall has been designated as a Safe Exchange location. A Safe Exchange location provides a meeting place where people engaged in face-to-face transactions originating on online sites such as Craigslist or OfferUp can complete their transactions in a safe, open location. The area can also be used by for those involved in child custody exchanges.

The City Hall lot was chosen due to it’s 24 hour access and police department presence. There are several signs indicating the Safe Exchange area”

I think that is an excellent idea.

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Upright F-1 engine

Hind sight is 20/20.  If I’d realized what was going to happen later in the day, I would have arrived at the Museum of Flight about an hour before my shift in order to sketch the F-1 rocket engine in full view.

By the time my shift was over, a curtain had been placed across the opening and they were installing a wooden barrier as well.

One of the facilities staff offered me a chance to get “up close and personal”… since he thought “volunteers, who do so much for the Museum, should get a few perks.”  So I was able to take these photos:  https://redharp.smugmug.com/MKB/2017-0316-F-1-Engine/

We were provided with some more info to share with visitors: “The F-1 engine is one of the most powerful every developed and boosted the Saturn V rockets off the launch pad and to the moon in the 1960’s and 1970’s [I watched most of those launches in the 1960’s!].  It weighs 18,000 pounds.  It stands 19 feet high in a 21 foot room!  The new exhibit, opening late May, will feature the full engine and pieces of an engine from the Apollo 12 mission found by Jeff Bezos deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean.  [These pieces are pancaked…. very compressed…due to both impact with the ocean surface after re-entry and from 40 years of pressure at the bottom of the ocean].  “

After my shift I found an angle that I could see most of the engine around the curtain.  I decided to just leave it as an ink drawing.

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Jewel Box Cafe

Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at the Jewel Box Cafe in the Point Ruston complex, near Tacoma. It was aptly named as it was a real jewel with beautiful furnishings and carved wood fixtures. There is even a balcony.

Since it was pouring rain, most of us settled in with our favorite hot beverage to sketch around the cafe. Sketchers in the comfy chairs.

I liked the column with the clock.  Fortunately, Tom sat down to sketch a different view so he gave the scene some life.

There were two of these carved booths at either end of the cafe.  Each had a set of stained glass windows.

We met back up in the balcony, where we shared our sketches and had a group photo.  There are at least 2 missing.

More photos here:   https://redharp.smugmug.com/SketchOutings/2017-0315-Jewel-Box-Cafe/

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F-1 rocket engine delivered

It was a good, geeky way to spend Pi Day.

First, I arranged to meet another member of Rebel Legion to deliver a lightsaber to her.  I’m no longer using it, she is new to the group and needs a decent saber.  I haven’t used this one in years so it was a good match.

We met up at the Museum of Flight as I’d planned to go there anyway to watch the arrival of the F-1 rocket engine.  I’d heard rumor that it was arriving mid-afternoon.  I arrived at 1330 to discover 5 empty flatbed trucks in the parking lot.  Well, that was a disappointment.

It was already in its gallery, having arrived at 0600. By the end of their work day (1500), it was standing upright and ready for more work tomorrow.

Still, I could see just enough of it from behind the safety barrier to get a bit sketched.

Here’s the info the Museum sent out to us volunteers today:

The F-1 engine, the most powerful single-nozzle, liquid-fueled rocket engine ever developed, boosted the Saturn V rocket off the launch pad and on to the moon during NASA’s Apollo program during the 1960s and 1970s.  Please see the attached video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBmuc8kD08g
The Museum of Flight is fortunate to have a full-scale F-1 engine on loan from the Marshall Space Flight Center, and components of original F-1 engines from the Apollo 12 and 16 missions recovered by Bezos Expeditions to support our upcoming Apollo exhibit.
The full-scale F-1 engine was transported to the Museum this morning, Tuesday March 14, by Nelson Trucking and moved into the gallery. …. [ A trustee ] generously supported the engineering and fabrication of the steel stand to support the F-1 engine in a vertical position in the gallery.  The nozzle extension will be lifted over the engine stand and be attached to the lower part of the engine and supported from the floor.

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Hello, sailor.

Another Sunday Social Watercolor at Daniel Smith Seattle.  Jody had DS watercolor sticks for us to test.  I’ve already used them.  So I pulled out one of the many photos I carry with me to these.

This is not my own photo.  I found it on the intarwebs.  He is dressed as a sailor from the early 1800’s.

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Finished claddagh

I finished the claddagh embroidery a couple nights ago.  The Transfer-eze washed out quite well.  I am definitely pleased with this product and will probably use it for every embroidery!  If you don’t remember or didn’t see the original post… go to my post about Sew Expo. 

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Liesel Lund teaches a workshop hosted at Daniel Smith Seattle that runs for months and has a different topic every week.  I enrolled in this week’s session on Water and Glass Reflections.  I was most interested in water reflections.  But the session ended up to be entirely glass reflections.  She asked us to bring a vase and she brought flowers.  So I sketched flowers in a vase…. not my usual subject.

First study.  No lines.

I moved the vase a bit and decided to use ink lines. I like this one much better. Obviously, I’m more comfortable with lines.  It might also be that what I learned in the first contributed to the second being better.

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