Detailing Air Force One

No, not that one. Ours. That would be the first jet Air Force One at the Museum of Flight. It’s the arrival of the 15th Annual Air Force One Detailing Team organized by master detailer Renny Doyle. (the video is several years old now). This elite crew is donating their time and skills to keep the aircraft looking good!

How elite are they? The crew came from all over the country. They are all volunteers, some using their vacation time for this service. From 900 applications only 65 were chosen. That’s why it says “”Selected Team Member” on the back of their shirts.  The group has been doing this for 15 years!

At least one of the detailers is from Washington. “Bill the Buffman” He brought his trailer for the equipment.

I sketched a couple crews working on the B-29. They’re wearing respirators.

Jimmy is slacking off. This statue is usually up close seeming to work on the aircraft.

Final sketch was of three workers doing what another referred to as “the dance”. They move in unison to polish Air Force One. I thought later it would have been good to make a video of their motion. The dark strip is some material applied and then polished off. It’s so shiny their reflections can be seen above them.

More photos.

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Cool relief in the garden

Urban Sketchers Seattle met at the Bellevue Botanical Garden on Sunday. It was a fortuitous choice as the thermometer got to at least 90 degrees. It was a good thing to be able to sketch in the cool shade of large trees.

This being on the East side, further from Seattle than usual, we attacted a few sketchers who hadn’t joined us in a while. Many of our regulars are already in Portugal for the USk International Symposium to start this week in Porto.

The Sharp Cabin is over 100 years old. It was build by James Sharp and originally situated on NE 8th Street. It sat on a 180 acre homestead. From 1926-1951, the Davajian family, Armenian refugees who fled genocide, lived and farmed there. They sold produce at Pike Place Market.

With a half hour left, I managed the sketch of this shaded scene. The stone lantern sits behind the Tateuchi Viewing Pavilion.

A few more photos are here.

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The Duwamish

Early this am I made a stop at the Museum of Flight to drop off collected newspapers which they’ll use for summer camp. Since it wasn’t yet beastly hot, I decided to check out a nearby park.

I had noticed Duwamish Gardens Park while riding the light rail. The elevated tracks cross the Duwamish river. I figured out that the park was just a bit south of the Museum.

The lightrail train crosses over my spot in the park.

I found a patch of shade in which to stand while I quickly sketched the view of the river, mud flats and a few Canada Geese. In the distance is a bridge.  I used the Pentalic Aqua 5×5 sketchbook, watercolors and a water brush.

It was a rather isolated area. I decided not to explore further when a car pulled in with a person who set off my radar. I left immediately. There is a path to explore that goes down to a wind sculpture. That’s for another day, perhaps when I’m not alone.  One does need to keep personal safety in mind while sketching in some locations.

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Dancing Bunnies

A little over a year ago I sketched the bunny buns. I’ve been wanting to sketch the front of the sculpture from the view that also included the towering cinema sign. Today I drove down to delivere our art show posters to sketchers at Point Ruston. I went early enough to sketch the dancing rabbits.

This sculpture is officially known as Hip Hop, By Georgia Gerber
Material: Bronze | 2013
“Hip-Hop” is an expression of joy, movement, and whimsy. The form was originally created in 2007 as part of Georgia’s ongoing series of sculptures depicting stylized rabbits in various dance poses.”

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Fourth time on tour

Yesterday (Sunday, 8 July) Urban Sketchers Seattle sketched the Georgetown Garden Tour for the 4th year in a row. We finished with a “throwdown” in Oxbow Park. It’s the home of the famous Hat n’ Boots  which was the subject of many of the sketches.

We arrived early, again. It gave me just enough time to draw this odd, triangle shaped, building that I’ve wanted to sketch for a long time.

I’d prepared with sunscreen and a big hat. But even at 10:30 am I got rather over heated, sitting in the sun for my second sketch of the Oxbow P-Patch. That’s Seattle-ish for “community garden”.

There is Rose Campion in the foreground. The artichokes in the background were taller than me!

I wandered a few gardens close to Oxbow Park but didn’t do any more sketching.

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Once more at Foss

Yesterday (Saturday, 7 July) Urban Sketchers Tacoma once again met to sketch in and around the Foss Waterway Seaport. We’re sketching there so much because we will have a maritime-themed show opening there at the end of the month during the FREE Maritime Festival. So if you’re around, please come to the festival and also see our show. Many of us will also be sketching around the event.

Frankly, I thought I was a little bored with the Foss. However, one of the sketchers found a Kalakala fragment in the back of the museum. I guess I should have explored more as they do change things around. I’ve sketched a fragment of the poor old ferry a few years ago at another location.  Hmmm.  Maybe it would make a good sketch series to find all the pieces on display?

Our group photo was taken by Wes Wenhardt, the Exec. Director of Foss. He and his crew have been very supportive of USk Tacoma. That’s why we’re invited to have a show at the museum.

It was a nice day so I decided to sketch outside the museum. I was also trialing a new sketchbook: Hahnemuhle Akademie Aquarell Watercolor Book. It buckles quite a bit as it’s only about 90# (200 gsm). Apparently I didn’t read the Q&A lower down the Amazon page as the seller answered “the paper is 100% cellulose”. Not good. Some cotton content is preferred and my experience is I get the best results on 100% cotton.

The Foss was offering a beginning sailing class. They were out on the water but I sketched a couple of the small, inflatable, boats.

While I was thinking about what to sketch next, I noticed one of the staff sitting in front of me, apparently engrossed in his phone. Perfect subject! This is sketched in the Field Notes Signature Sketchbook.

Walked far down the dock to the south side.

On to more sketching today at the Georgetown Garden Tour!

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Together again

Congratulations to Urban Sketchers Bainbridge Island for their relatively recent approval as an official branch! To celebrate, Urban Sketchers Seattle planned a joint outing. Many of the Seattle sketchers rode over together on the ferry. I did not as it’s about the same for me to drive around from my location.

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art was our base. We gathered there upon arrival and then again to share sketches.

After our sharing session, a few of us stayed for lunch. And then I had a look at the artists books exhibit. This one wasn’t as sculptural as the previous one since the focus was on binding. There were some amazing handcrafted leather covers!

I already had a sketch location in mind from a previous visit. I liked the model of the Eiffel Tower and the sign. Of course, cars parked in front, blocking most of my view. But I’d gotten the basics down beforehand.  I enjoyed a snack and coffee from Blackbird Bakery while I sketched.

As I walked around the charming central town I noticed this spot. I returned there to do my second sketch of the outing.

More photos. 

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Tale of the Tail

As I wrote yesterday, it was expected the vertical stabilizer (aka “tail”) would be re-installed on the B-52 today. So I went to the Museum more than an hour before the start of my morning shift.

The crew was indeed preparing to set the tail. Unfortunately, this is as far as they got while I was there. That’s the flat bottom of the tail suspended from the crane.

I missed the morning meeting but hurried over for the start of my shift. I spoke to the lead staff person for my section about cutting out for an hour to sketch the installation.

While I was working my shift, I noticed the model of the statue for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park was replaced by a model of the park itself.  Edit 7/8/2018:  I learned this week that this model was 3-D printed by the students at the Aviation High School, next door!

So I did cut out for about an hour.  I didn’t get to watch them raise it to vertical but I did get a sketch of them working on it.

I think this will be it for a while.  My plan is to return to this sketching project as the memorial park is built.

A few more photos.

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Nothin’ happen’n

Since the horizontal stabilizers were installed yesterday, I thought perhaps the vertical one (the tall tail) might be installed today. Dropped by about 11am. There didn’t appear to be anything happening.

I went over to the East campus, to the “main” Museum. The Mountain was out and it seemed a good time to sketch the scene that has been on my mind for weeks, waiting for the Mountain. It is from the second story mock Air Traffic Control Tower looking toward the Boeing Military section. These are 767 Tankers.  And The Mountain is Rainier.

After lunch I went back over to West campus and the B-52 area. Even less going on. While I waited, I decided to sketch a view of the nose I’d noticed yesterday.

Heard from staff and crew that the tail will likely be installed tomorrow am. Drat! That’s the time for my shift. I’ll go early and hope for the best. If it is similar to the horizontal stabilizers installation, the vertical one will be supported by the crane for quite a while. If I don’t get it in the morning, hopefully I can get it at 1:30pm, after my shift.

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Worldwide Aircraft Recovery continues the reconstruction of the Museum of Flight’s B-52. Today, finally, I got to witness something large held up by a crane! It was the installation of the horizontal stabilizers.

Yesterday I’d encountered Tom, the manager of the Museum’s Restoration program. He told me they’d start the installation in the morning. So I was there by 9:30 am. So was Tom. He motioned to me to come through the fence and told me I could sit inside the enclosure to sketch! Thank you!!

So finally I get to see something large on a crane installed!

I also tried out my new mix for the darker camo color. I like it as it is flat rather than granulating.

Nearly done, though it stayed like this the rest of the day.  I returned later and by 4pm, they were in the same place.  I was hoping they might have moved on to the vertical stabilizer (tail fin).

I did my sketch earlier in the process as the stabilizers were suspended below the back of the B-52.

More photos
The album starts with photos of the staff cleaning the “Connie” in front of the Museum.

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