Giving Concorde a bath

Well, I missed Global Jet Painting washing the B-17.  I watched as Museum of Flight social media guy, Sean, did a Facebook live-stream yesterday. However, when I went over today I discovered they had finished yesterday.

They are waiting for paint for the B-17 to arrive, so they spent the time washing other aircraft in the Aviation Pavilion, which is covered but open air.  They were working on Concorde when I arrived.

I’ve recently leaned that Museum only allows pencil.  So, by the time I finished coloring the sketch off at a picnic table, the crew had moved to another section of the aircraft.

I plan to sketch them painting the B-17 once I hear the paint has been delivered!

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Tahoma 2023

For the last several years I have made it a practice to visit the Tahoma VA National Cemetery over the Memorial Day weekend to do a sketch and meditate on the sacrifice commemorated there.

This year I offered to sketch the grave site of the father of someone I know. Once I was able to find it I discovered it was in a columbarium wall. I also left some flowers.

Then I left flowers at the other graves I usually visit:
Medal of Honor Recipient Second Lieutenant Jesse T. Barrick (Civil War), 57th Regiment of the U.S. Colored Infantry. Near Duck River, Tenn., May 26 – June 2, 1863
And then Sergeant First Class Nathan Ross Chapman — first American serviceman to die from hostile fire in the war in Afghanistan in 2002.

Once I completed those visits, I went back to the Kiosk to await the arrival of the “Run to Tahoma” group. Every year a large group of veterans on motorcycles escort the remains of unclaimed deceased veterans from Kitsap County. There were over 100 riders escorting the deceased. From the flyer for the ride: “…these departed men and women are OURS and WE will take them to their final resting place.”

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Brienne’s new home

I first met Brienne a little over a year ago. She is one of Renton’s five dragons.

Since then, she has moved. I suspect the reason is that the office complex she guarded was going up for auction and she needed a better place. Now she guards city hall and the police station!

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Blue Poppies

Urban Sketchers Tacoma has sketched at Blue Poppy Day for several years.  This year we invited Urban Sketchers Seattle and several came.  There were also some new sketchers and one visitor from out of state.  It was a grand group who drew and painted so many different views of the event.  

I was a bit distracted, so I did a sparse montage.  Only one little poppy.  There were fewer this year due to weather:  too cold and then too hot. On the left is what appeared to be a bird house.  But I think it was a bee house as so many flew in and out. You can see on tiny yellow bee there. EDIT: I just learned it’s World Bee Day. #worldbeeday

I’m also having fun with the Museum of Flight’s FLATstronaut for their Art + Flight series of events and exhibits. It comes with many accessories. Of course I chose the art tools! The FB post actually said it was for anyone, not just kids. And, of course, I’m not eligible for any prizes.

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East and West

Urban Sketchers Seattle met this morning in the Greenwood neighborhood, just north of downtown Seattle. There were two very interesting religious buildings in that area.

My first subject was the Sakya Tibetan Monastery . My interest was in the prayer flags and the lion statue. I thought I would just make color shapes for the building. This is much looser than my usual sketches.

Several of us were positioned across the street and around two sides of the monastery. A monk came out to offer us cups of tea. And encouraged us to tag them on Instagram! Ancient hospitality and modern social media.

Two blocks away was St. John’s Catholic Church. I sketched the very tall bell tower in the A6 sketchbook.

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Des Moines Marina

 Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at the Des Moines Marina this morning.  With the on-shore breeze, it was almost too chilly as we began.  

The morning fog had not quite burned off. I’m using an A5 Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper sketchbook. 

I like the blue “street furniture”.  Done in a small, A6, Hahnemühle sketchbook.  On the left is a crow who became a greedy friend when I fed it a few bits of kibble. At left is Susan P, sketching.

Susan P sketching with her well behaved dogs. 

We were a small but fun group.  Thanks to Lori for the group photo, set on timer.  

More Photos

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Morning in, Afternoon out

I had two different sketching experiences today. In the early-ish morning, I attended the Sketchbook Skool live “Draw with Me” on YouTube. We drew a number of different characters whose names were Ed or similar. I drew with a ballpoint pen in an A6 sketchbook. I ran out of room as Danny did a few more “Eds”.

Being such a gorgeous day I also wanted to go out to sketch. I checked at Coulon Park and, sure enough, the Interface sculptures were dressed for Mother’s Day. I had 3 or 4 pleasant interactions with passers by. I gave one man advice about a silk screen print he’d been given (he thought it was a painting). I gave out some USk cards to other artists. Also discussed using watercolors.

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It has been another beautiful, spring, day. Finally. So I took myself out to a new-to-me place: Powellswood Garden in Federal Way. It is a 37 acre private reserve but open daily to the public, for a small fee.

There were many colorful garden rooms. I chose to sketch the trellis.

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City Light

Columbia City Substation, c. 1942

I saw this on buildings_of_seattle Instagram account.

put it on my list to sketch as it’s not as far as the Magnolia substation, also of the same design.

“It was designed by Ivan Michael Palmaw from St Petersburg, Russia. Originally serving in World War I with the Imperial Russian Army, Palmaw fled to the US after the Russian Revolution and became an architect in Seattle. Besides designing various substations for City Light, he also designed the two Russian Orthodox churches in South Lake Union and Capitol Hill. “

It was sold in the 1960’s and is now an office building.

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Steilecoom sketching

We met in Steilecoom today.  It’s a charming small town bordering the Sound.  I’ve been there once before but I don’t remember this pleasant little bakery.  

I went down to the ferry dock and old train station area right on the water.  I parked up the hill and sketched a view of the ferry to Anderson Island.

Thanks to Denny for taking our photo.  

a few more photos

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