The same, but different.

These are the same style of early period shoes by Medieval Moccasins that I sketched yesterday. Just a different color.

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Oops. I found another pair of red shoes at the bottom back of my shoe cubbie. These I only wear when I’m in garb (“costume” to the muggles) at SCA events. “Early Period” means the medieval period. As I wrote on the sketch, I purchased them at least 30 years ago. I haven’t worn them in quite a while as we haven’t been active in SCA in some years. But I’m keeping them in case we do ever resume.

I have a second pair I’ll sketch next.

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I went to check on the statue, Interface, in Gene Coulon Park. The figures were dressed…two as pilgrims, one naked. Normally, the sculpted figures are naked and people dress them for fun.

A passerby told me the naked one was dressed as a First Nations person. The clothes are obviously gone. My guess is someone took offense. I sketched them as they were.

Controversy or not…I hope you all enjoy this Thanksgiving day.

The season and throughout the year, remember those in difficult circumstances and contribute as you are able.

I collaged a photo of the sign that was posted next to it:
“We acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle and Renton, the Duwamish People, past and present. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.”

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Red Keens

Keens are my favorite sandal…probably my favorite shoes. Given that I started drawing my red shoes, I’ll use these as the bridge to drawing my pairs of Keens.

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Log cabin

It’s another sunny day, if chilly. Prediction is for rain all next week so I took the opportunity to do some more car sketching.

Tukwila Bicentennial Park is adjacent to the Duwamish River. There is this log cabin built by volunteers in 1976, serving as a tribute to pioneer roots.

I sketched from my car but didn’t have very good situational awareness. I did not notice a car pull up next to me…oddly close in the large and empty parking lot. When I cracked my windows for some air, a man got out and approached. I closed the windows and got ready to leave, moving my seat and putting on the seat-belt. He got back in the car and drove away. So I stayed to finish the sketch.

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Classic car

I made this sketch after stopping at Daniel Smith art store for the last time! It was very sad to see the place so empty and to say goodbye to the staff. They’ll still be working in the factory but I won’t see them.

This is a side street in the Georgetown neighborhood. Just one of the many RV dwellers parked around this area. But this one has a classic car in tow. That’s different.

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Flying boots

Third in the series…still on the red ones. They are called “roper boots”. Too narrow and too slippery. I’ll save the wings and them offer them to someone else.

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Since I started with red boots, I’ll continue my series of shoe sketches with more red. These are Børn brand shoes given to me by a co-worker. That means they’ve sat in my closet for about 15 years or so. I wore them only a little as they are a size too large.

Thus, these will be de-stashed. I’ll offer them first to my hyper-local “Buy Nothing” group.

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Too soon

I think I understand the motivation. We’ve endured 20 months of a pandemic. It’s getting cold, dark and wet. We need some cheer. It seems like a lot of people and places have decided to decorate for the winter holidays right after Halloween. Here at The Landing shopping center, the motivation could just be commerce.

Either way, I’m wanting until after Thanksgiving, though.

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Red Boots

This is the start of a new project…one to take me through the dark and rainy days of winter. The idea came from a friendly competition Koosje Koene and Jane LaFazio had earlier in the year. I’ll still do dashboard sketching from the car but this is more interesting than drawing items around my house. I’ll also use it as a way to look at every pair I own and decide whether to keep or to de-stash!

Like K Koosje, I decided to draw mine in an accordion sketchbook. As I wrote on the 12th, I bought a Moleskine. Turns out the paper is alright. I’m not doing more than a couple light layers, so it can handle that.

I’ve started with the pair of shoes that might have the most memories associated. I wrote about it on the page. These I’m keeping.

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