Full Agenda

My schedule for today was rather full. First, I went to the Museum of Flight to see the presentation on the Voyager spacecraft by a fellow volunteer. She is Maria and a high school student! It was very well attended.

I got a quick sketch in as she was talking with the little ones about Voyager. Then she led them in making paper models.

Next I went to the newly opened Starbucks Reserve in SoDo. I think it might be good for a sketch outing. It was rather noisy and I would use my ear plugs if I was going to be sketching there for long. The coffee I tried – “Ethiopian” something or other – was more drinkable than any Starbucks I’ve had. But wow, half way through I had too much of a caffeine buzz and couldn’t finish it!

Then it was on to Daniel Smith Mothership for Watercolor Social. I’d forgotten to bring my usual projects so I just opened Kitsap Humane Society’s Instagram feed and sketched some dogs.

I used Jodi’s suggestion of Payne’s Blue Gray for the splattered spots on this Bluetick Coonhound!

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Pi Day 2018

Pi Day started fairly early with a purchase of tiny pies from Pie Lab.

I like the little pie symbols as crust!

I then set out to bake the “vintage” recipe from the Museum of Flight’s Aloft magazine

From M of Flight Collections Instagram:

“This cookbook is a compilation of recipes published in 1958 by the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Ninety-Nines, an organization founded in 1929 for female pilots. We tried the Soda Cracker Pie recipe—not exactly a traditional pie, but not bad!”.

It’s a cup of sugar, a cup of nuts, egg whites and 14 saltines. It’s actually pretty good. Who knew?

Then I created a journal page.

PS:  I’ve not posted in a while as I’ve had a cold.  It was relatively mild but left me completely unmotivated to do anything but be a couch potato.  I’m better now!

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First RareBear

Crafting post:

As I mentioned in December, I like to sew charity projects.  I used to make fabric bears but haven’t since 2013 when the charity for whom I sewed folded.

I’ve now found the RareScience program and it’s “RareBear Army” .   They give handmade fabric bears to children with rare diseases.  I joined and recently received the custom paw fabric and serial number tag.

Since they specifically wrote they wanted bears made with Star Wars fabrics, my first bear is made from fabric I have left from other projects.

This custom fabric is made for the program by Spoonflower.

The other side of this tag has a serial number so the organization knows which bear by which maker went to which child.  I may eventually receive a photo of the child with this bear.

Star Wars bear is flat.  The RareBear program doesn’t want to have fully stuffed bears mailed to them.  They just want the “bear skin” which they will stuff as needed.  That also saves me money on postage since I can send in a large envelope rather than a box.

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Silence in the library

Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at the UW Tacoma library yesterday.  It was such a sunny day, though still a bit chilly, that some chose to sketch outside.

It was so nice that we displayed our sketches and took our group photo outside at the end of the outing.

Thanks to Scott for taking the photo.

I really wanted to sketch the interior machinery in the silent section of the library.  This is the view that defeated me.

So I moved on to wander across the sky bridge to the Tioga building, where I found this odd sculpture in the window.

I next joined several sketchers in the Chihuly Room, which was another “silent” room.  Most of us there were sketching the Chinook Red Chandelier.


A few more photos are here:  https://redharp.smugmug.com/SketchOutings/2018-0303-UW-LIbrary-sketch-outing/

Some people might recognize the title of this post as that of a Dr. Who episode.

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NASW CEU’s at UW for my LICSW

Too many acronyms!

Yesterday I earned 6 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) at the University of Washington (UW), sponsored by the WA chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).   I’ve been an NASW member since about 1973.  The CEU’s are needed to keep my license as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker  (LICSW).


The topic was “Social Work in a Digital World”.  Do you accept a request to be Facebook friends with you psychotherapy client?  NO!  Do you search your client on Google.  No, except under very limited circumstances.  There are lots of pitfalls, legally and ethically, for mental health practitioners in this digital age.  We heard stories of how some ended up in prison whose prosecution was aided by their digital footprint.

Despite the fact that I last attended this same seminar 4 years ago, most of it wasn’t really new to me.  There have been many changes to law and codes though.  During a long spell in which I wasn’t taking notes, I drew some of the others down my row of seats.

My license is in “retired” status and I’m just a little relieved I’m not in active practice after this.  I would certainly not have a Facebook account if I was!

Drawn in the Field Notes “Signature” sketch book.


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A Unique Experience

Today I had a unique experience. The Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Everett has worked since July 2017 to restore a Viet Nam era B-52. It will be the centerpiece of the Project Welcome Home Commemorative Park. The aircraft was painted in its VN era livery some months ago. Within a few weeks it will be disassembled for transport to the Museum of Flight Seattle.  The park honors veterans who served in all military branches between 1964 and 1975 (the Viet Nam conflict).

I do have some ambivalence.  This aircraft was a terrifying instrument of war.  I acknowledge that.  It will be re-purposed as a centerpiece in a park to honor the sacrifices of those who served our country in the military during the Viet Nam conflict.  In my youth I opposed the war but I never disrespected those who served in the military.  I’m doing this sketch (first in a series, I hope) to honor those who served. They deserve a Welcome Home.

Apart from my Museum volunteer duties, I like to sketch Museum events and activities. I arranged to have access to sketch this behemoth. I had to be escorted as it is located near Paine Field, behind a locked gate. I cannot say “Thank You” enough to Restoration Center staff Sheree Van Berg. She was so gracious to allow me to do this.

I had to get a long way back to get it from wing tip to wing tip. Note that there are outboard wheels on the wings to support them during take-off!

Then she offered what felt like a once in a life time experience. She took me into the flight deck of the aircraft! This is not going to be part of the display at the Museum.

The flight deck

More info about this B-52

Restoration process

More photos are here: https://redharp.smugmug.com/MKB/2018-0228-B-52

While there, I scouted out location(s) outside the fence from which I might be able to sketch the disassembly. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to sketch its transport as that will happen at night. I do plan to be there when it arrives and sketch that event. So, I hope, there will be more sketches to come.

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Fifth Wintergrass

This is the 5th year in a row that the Friday group of Urban Sketchers Seattle has sketched at the Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival in Bellevue, WA (across the lake from Seattle). It was our friend, Lynn, who first suggested it but she has sadly moved away.

This outing I completed what I think is a record number of sketches. Three of them were in the small, 5.5×5.5 square Pentalic Aqua book. There was also another milestone. I did not use pencil on any of these! All were drawn in ink with the Lamy joy pen.

There were a few new sketchers today. As usual, we had the sketchbook “throw down” and then a group photo.

One or two are missing from the photo.

As usual, my carpool arrived early so I sketched one of the festival attendees sitting across from me in the atrium.

I found a group jamming in a convenient location with a bench on which I could sit. It’s so much fun to listen to good, lively, music while sketching!

During my first walk about, I noticed two vendors of interest. I went back later.  Patrick, of Doc’s Banjos,  played one of his banjos while I sketched. Even Daniel Smith’s Quinacridone gold couldn’t portray the luminosity of the skin on his banjos! He dyes them himself.    While exploring his website, I read the “about us”. Impressive. Go read it. He was a combat medic in Viet Nam, became a physician,  and then did humanitarian work.

Bent Twig Guitars came all the way from Montana. I was fascinated by the sculpture displayed on their table. I added Brady into my sketch.

A few more photos: https://redharp.smugmug.com/SketchOutings/2018-0223-Wintergrass/

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Catching up: dog & docents

With a friend visiting this weekend, I’ve gotten behind on my posts.  On Thursday (2/22/18) I did two sketches.

I took the new Field Notes Signature Sketchbook with my to my shift at the museum.  I had just enough time during the morning meeting to sketch two of the docents.

Later in the evening, I sketched another dog from the Kitsap Humane Society Instagram feed.  Just before my phone died (that’s another story… “known issue”… hope they’ll fix it!)

In the Instagram caption, KHS wrote that she’s a sweetheart of a pitt bull terrier.  But someone cut her ears to make her look more fierce!  From the looks of it, that horrible person did a bad job of it, too.  Poor pup!  Hopefully she’ll find a good home now.

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Field Notes test

As noted in yesterday’s post, I’m using the new Field Notes Signature Sketchbook.  If you are familiar with Field Notes brand, this notebook is slightly larger.  The dimensions are 4-1/4″ × 6-1/2″ (108mm × 165mm).  The paper is also better for sketching.  The website details it is Strathmore Premium Wove 70#T “Ultimiate White” with a fine, 1-color application of “Signature Gray” soy-based Saphira ink.

As mentioned yesterday, my first test was an ink drawing with Lamy Joy (Platinum Carbon black) and a Pentalic brush pen. It ghosted a little on the back of the paper but didn’t bleed through. The ghosting didn’t show up in the scan so I haven’t posted an image.   The drawing experience was perfectly fine.

Last night, I made a watercolor sketch based on one of the photos taken at the sketch outing.  I didn’t paint much differently than I would have on watercolor paper.  I added a couple layers of washes in the clock structure.  While it was wet, the paper curved a lot.  However, after drying and then the book clipped closed overnight, it lay flat.  There was mild buckling on the back side but less than I would have expected for only 70# paper.

All in all, I will happily use this sketch book as my daily carry in my small kit.

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The Station and the Library

As we arrived early, we sought a warm beverage at Anthem Coffee. I decided to try out the new Field Notes Signature sketchbook. This is an ink drawing with Lamy Joy (Platinum Carbon black) and a Pentalic brush pen. It ghosted a little on the back of the paper but didn’t bleed through. The ghosting didn’t show up in the scan so I haven’t posted an image.

It was a cold and blustery morning as Urban Sketchers Tacoma gathered in the shelter of the rotunda of Union Station, which is now a Federal Court House. We spread out all over the building. There were views out the windows and Chuhuly glass sculptures.

Sharing sketches and our group photo, with Chuhuly in the background.

My first sketch was from the main floor, looking up to the walkway with an old clock and the large window with Chuhuly’s installation, Monarch Window.

Next, I went down to what would have been “track level” when it was a train station. There I sketched a view of the Bridge of Glass that leads over to the Museum of Glass.

I use a coroplast board to support all my tools so I can stand to sketch.

Here’s one of my avant-wierd photos of the glass (there are more!)

After lunch together, many of us went to the Tacoma Main Library to see the USk Tacoma show there. Beverly did a wonderful job installing it.

More photos of sketchers and avant-weird ones of the glass:


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