As an “artist in residence” during this time of self-isolation, I’ve joined a couple more on-line drawing groups.   One is “Virtual Sketchwalk” in which we can only draw from photos, our own or those shared for use by the group.

I referred to this one as both aspirational and inspirational.  It is a photo of someone hiking (“walking”) in England.

Done in a Stillman and Birn Zeta.  I’m trying smoother paper.  I have a half sheet of Stonehenge Aqua hot press I’m going to start using.  And I have a sheet or two left of Fluid 100 8×10 hot press.

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The rocker

Since I’m being an “artist in residence”, I stayed in to draw my grandfather’s rocker… twice.  I inherited it when my grandmother died in 1977.  He predeceased her.  I remember being a child and sitting in it in their home. It is placed in the living room, which we don’t use much.  It got shipped to Germany with our household goods and then shipped back five years later.  One of the arms was broken when it arrived in the US.  The repairer did a good job and I can’t even see the break.  Now that I think of it, the lamp next to it was my mother’s.

The first is on a 5×8 sheet of cold press watercolor (Stonehenge Aqua, #140).

The second is an 8×10 sheet of hot press (Fluid 100, #140).

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On Monday and Tuesday I made 12 masks to donate to a local facility.  I found both the pattern and the facility on  These are made of 2 layers of tightly woven cotton.  They are not really effective for COVID-19 but have been requested by hospitals and facilities to use when not working with an infected patient.  They may also be used to cover the N-95 masks so they can be used longer.

I made one for myself in a tie-dye print.

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Traffic Light

We’ve been walking more around our neighborhood.  We can do so with social distancing better than on the local trails.  It seems too many people are out walking in the same place, along the Soos Creek trail!

Thus, on our walk, I discovered this traffic light button.  I have never seen one placed so low on the pole.  It’s a very thoughtful adaptation for a wheel chair user!  I remembered that the Urban Sketchers flickr group theme from two weeks ago was “how the city is adapted (or not) to different disabilities?”.

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It’s really spring.  For the first time in years I have a little trouble with allergies and everything is blooming.  One of them is this bush but I don’t remember what it is.  It’s right next to a rhodie but it’s not one.

Edit 3/23/2020:  Three friends have told me this is a magnolia.

Tomorrow might take me to the backyard to work in the screaming yellow forsythia into a sketch.

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From the drive way

It’s been beautiful spring-like weather.  Trees are starting to bud and early flowers are blooming.  The trees on my street are beautifully pink.  I’m participating in USk At Home, sitting in my driveway to sketch that tree across the street.  I even needed a sunhat and glasses. The neighbor parents were running races up and down the cul de sac with their children.  Despite the need for social distancing, it was a delightful experience.


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Through the windshield

It was a relatively warm and sunny day so a good one to do some car sketching.  I continue to self isolate but getting out to do interesting things.  Here’s my studio on the go:

I’ve noticed this boat many times.

I drove into the center of town to sketch another painted fire hydrant.  I’d just read a story about a local arts legend who  painted the hydrant.  She recently died at age 95.   But I couldn’t find a good place to park with a good view of the subject.

I then decided to move on to Georgetown (Seattle), a neighborhood where there’s always something good to sketch.  My target was a very old truck that has been parked on a bit of empty ground for years. But it was gone! So I sketched the Trailer Park Mall.  Everything was quite deserted as that area of Georgetown is mostly restaurants and they are all closed.

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Yorkshire bridge

This is from a friend’s photo, used with permission. It’s a pack-horse bridge near Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, UK.  It’s a “virtual sketchwalk”.  I was also just invited to join a private group for documenting our time in self isolation.

With increased restrictions, things are changing rapidly. The governor ordered the closure of all restaurants, bars, gyms, etc.  So with the closure of our venue, Cosplay Drink and Draw will be cancelled.

Most distressing to me is the closure “until further notice” of the Daniel Smith art supply store, what I call “the mothership”.  So all demos and workshops are cancelled.  I probably wouldn’t have attended the upcoming demos anyway but I’m concerned about the future of the store after all this.  The staff and all those demos are a bright spot in my life.

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All alone, together

Urban Sketchers Milan promoted an event for yesterday.   I think it would be a good idea to continue to sketch our view from home.

Both USk Seattle and USk Tacoma have cancelled all sketch outing through the end of April.  It’s looking like Drink and Draw will be cancelled as our venue has closed through the weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised if they will remain closed.  Due to my and husband’s risk factors, I’ve decided I won’t be attending any of the demos at Daniel Smith.  All of this makes me sad and I miss my friends.

The bright spot is that I can still make as much art as I want.  I can draw at home, from photos, to share in Sketchbook Skool and the Virtual Sketchwalk group.  I can go out on my own, maintaining social distance or just sketch from inside my car.  I can stay somewhat connected with other artists via all of the USk social media platforms.

What I see out my windows is not all that interesting to me.  I live in a modern suburb of homes that look very much alike.  A couple Urban Sketchers have shared sketches of similar views and made them look interesting and artful.  That’s the challenge I may take up soon.  For now, though, I sketched the view out my patio.

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Isolation bears

Given the precautions recommended by CDC and local health department for my risk group in this age of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), I’m mostly isolated at home.  I do go out on my own to sketch, mostly from the car, given the weather.

My volunteer work at the Museum of Flight is on hold as they closed yesterday!  This is due to local restrictions on size of groups. It’s indefinite.  Hopefully after a month or so this will be better, but I’m not overly optimistic.  With other admins, we decided the Urban Sketchers groups would cancel outings through end of April!  And we cancelled Drink and Draw this week as almost no one was planning to attend.

I’m doing some sketching from photos.

In the past couple days, I’ve been making bears for Rare Science’s Rare Bear program.  This group of five unstuffed “bear skins” were mailed off a on Monday.  There are three Harry Potter bears.

This set is sewn up as far as I can before I receive the custom fabric paws and serial number tags.  They are all happy, colorful prints.

Now I’ve just finished a military bear I’m offering to my neighborhood “Buy Nothing” group.  It’s for a child with a family member on Active Duty.

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